Trailer for "City Visions New York"

Chris Biggins - Chris leads United Vision as a VJ, certified instructor and content creator.

Emre Emirgil - Emre is a designer and VJ, with a Masters Degree in Media Arts. He uses print, online and video techniques in projects such as websites, product packaging, short films, and branding. His range gives him an edge in creating outstanding content for VJ sessions.

Chad Jordan - Chad is an art director and VJ whose background is as diverse as his love of different creative mediums. This shows through in all his endeavors whether its building a corporate identity, creating a national advertising campaign or making custom video content for clubs and DJs across the U.S.

Ben Schwartz - aka R.Sn.L works in film and television production as an HD video engineer, assisting camera departments with all things technical. He learned VJing with Chris, and sees it as an offshoot of his work on set. Ben lives in Brooklyn and his major influences include Stanley Kubrick, Coldcut, Chris Cunningham, dubstep and energy drinks.

Ben Schellpfeffer - Ben is a visual vagabond. In addition to directing commercial and documentary films, he currently works in New York City as a web producer, editor and multimedia education designer. Ben can be found flirting with graphic intrigue, buckled down parsing dailies, or outside chasing dreams.